Chastity Cages And The First Locktober...

I've learned a lot in the short time I found this corner of the internet. So many amazing individuals. One thing I knew about but never explored was Chastity. Whilst I had been submissive in what now feels a past life, I didn't really experiment with it. I was once made to jerk off 5 times in rapid succession at college, then told not to touch at all for a week but that's arguably not the same. Until recently, I'd only seen a Chastity cage in images, usually when looking through LoveHoney for other things. Hearing and discussing it more on Discord made my curiosity grow. So, off I tottled to have a good look. There were all sorts. Plastic, metal, all shapes, all sizes. I settled on one that was recommended for beginners and long time users alike, as well as some other choice items that I may come back to one day. I'll admit, I forgot about the package completely until it actually turned up. Unpacking it, the first thing I thought was:  

"Why are there so many damn bits?!"  

Not the best start but okay, I'm here now, let's see.  Unpacking the bits from all the plastic bags, I took great care not to misplace the absolutely tiny keys for the padlock. I'm not spending the rest of my life in this.... I hope. After a quick few minutes with it, the whole thing seemed simple enough. 5 different size rings for different size genitals, the bit the penis goes into, the padlock, the keys and 5 plastic locks with keyholder numbers. Great for not setting off metal detectors, apparently. What will they think of next?

The next part. The lube. Jeez, I don't think any part of my body has ever seen so lube before ever! But, you can never use too much. Unless you drown in it, that would be too much. So, lubed up, ready to go, grab the ring... go on. Fit. Now!! Come on!!... Okay, regroup and reassess? I expected issues but it turned out to be my fault. Adjusting the method, I got the ring on and... okay, that feels like they are in a vice made of knives. The next size up proved to be the right fit. Attaching the bit where the penis lives (no idea what it's called) and then fitting the lock. Annnnddd... there we are. It's awkward. Due to medical reasons, I can't wear it properly. It fits and its tight, that is what matters. It stayed on an hour the first time. Again, for personal reasons. But it was not bad at all. I knew that, at the very least, Lucifer would be happy I had this, since he was eager for the wife to know that Locktober exists...  

Fast forward a few days and I put the cage on again. Locktober has already begun, I'm late to the party. But here we go. Due to events I won't discuss here (another post, maybe?), I'm in this for the month, barring medical reasons where it may need to come off for a short time. I'm eager, not daft. The cage goes on first thing, soon as I wake up. Strange new way to start the day but it's early yet, I'll adjust. My second day of Locktober and... I didn't realise that being teased to such high levels of mental arousal was so... fun. I normally wouldn't declare that I'd have sex with EVERYONE on a discord server but that is apparently how it goes. A certain fox (Evilthorn) and one of the most beautiful flowers (Miss Rose) seem to be taking great pleasure in tormenting me knowing I can do nothing. Frustration and pleasure that can't be tapped seemingly go hand in hand. Thank goodness I can cool off fast enough. But if this happens everyday until the end of the month... well, I mean I might not make it, due to a sudden heart attack? Only time will tell.  

I suppose the important thing to think about it: how does chastity feel? Well, it's early days. In terms of the mental effect, I am quite certain I've only had a taste. Especially if certain parties keep up the teasing from now until the end. Physically, it is so far just the slight tightness and occasional pain if the skin gets caught. But it ties in with the mental side. The feeling of it never goes away, reminding me that I cannot just reach down and have a stroke. The choice is gone. My wife holds the key and she wants me to keep going, she wants me to keep going. She knows I lack motivation. Fuck, she's a good girl...  

So. This will need updating as the days progress. But right now, I think I'm not feeling the overall effects yet. But it's only day two. I have almost a whole month left. Including my birthday, no less. But, I'm committed. This is a journey and it is still in its infancy. I'm sure it will be...interesting, to say the least. So, thanks to all who, one way or another, have or will become a part of it.  

NO ONE can suggest I do November, if my wife doesn't get her birthday gift, there is no force in this omniverse that will help find my body when she is done with me...

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